$GOGE x Crypto Quties NFT’s

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3 min readDec 10, 2021

In this story we are excited to share our upcoming and 1st ever NFT collection, ‘Crypto Cuties’.

Crypto Cuties is the sister project of DogeGaySon $GOGE, the art was created individually by hand throughout the process of 6 months! The collection is currently in the final stages of completion and will launch in December 2021 and a countdown to the official date of minting will be revealed this week!

The legendary $GOGE Crypto Qutie

The collection will consist of 999 unique and limited NFT’s, similar to ‘Crypto Punks’ but more colorful, cute and made with love in their own special way! The collection will be featuring 9 different types of Quties (rarity is top to bottom ranked):

  • Candies (33 NFT’s)
  • Dragons (66 NFT’s)
  • Fish (66 NFT’s)
  • Bunnies (99 NFT’s)
  • Birds (99 NFT’s)
  • Frogs (133 NFT’s)
  • Dogs (133 NFT’s)
  • Robots (166 NFT’s)
  • Astronauts (204 NFT’s)

You could mint something extremely rare! Minting is random and the collection is limited to 999 total! There are four rarity types, legendary, rare, epic and cute! (In order of rarity)

Crypto Quties exists on the Binance Smart Chain and will be minting for around 299$

For every NFT that is minted, 500,000 $GOGE will be burned!”

If you are a top 250 holder in $GOGE by Midnight on New Year’s Day (0 UTC), you will be rewarded an exclusive Crypto Qutie NFT! We love our holders and want to truly give back to our community, so we will be giving away 250 Crypto Cutie NFT’s towards our top 250 holders by New Year’s Day which is estimated at $75,000 in NFTs gifted to the top 250 $GOGE holders!

These 250 cuties will exist of a exclusive pool containing a lot more legendary and rare type NFT’s, only obtainable by being a top 250 holder in $GOGE
The other NFTs in the collection will be able to be minted by everyone on our website, we aim to apply for pancake swap marketplace once all 999 crypto cuties are minted!

Candy type NFT

These are the first of many NFTs, a lot of our future NFTs are types that have never before been created, this is the beginning of something big and something beautiful! LETS GOGE X Crypto Quties ❤️

Surprise! Hidden within the collection there are 4 NFTs with a secret golden ticket! A special $1,000 prize for the first owner of each of these lucky NFTs! Details on the golden tickets will be announced at launch!



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