$GOGE GENESIS UPDATE: DAO, 1st Crypto-Based Virtual Micronation GOGELAND, Worlds 1st NFT Passport!

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5 min readFeb 1, 2022
The official $GOGE token logo, created by Cecy Meade.

$GOGE is making history with it’s ‘Genesis Update’ by transitioning into a DAO & declaring $GOGE the official currency of the world’s 1st crypto-based virtual micro nation, GOGELAND! Community members can become citizens with the worlds 1st NFT Passports!

In this article we will take a closer look at the ‘Genesis Update’ and all the revolutionary innovations included!

⭐️ “GOGE DAO’’

Fully decentralized, fully automatic, fully transparent and fully community driven projects give power to the people, these factors are some of the core beliefs of the $GOGE project. To make this key value a reality, the $GOGE team is creating the GOGE DAO and will be carrying out a phased transition / migration! This will be the world’s 1st government run by a DAO, the true people’s token and nation for all people. $GOGE will additionally be the 1st DAO with stake-to-vote as well as automatic $CAKE rewards!

What is a DAO?

DAO’s or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are internet-native organizations collectively owned and organized by their members. Currently revolutionizing the blockchain & offline worlds, DAOs give users a chance to start social organizations, create communities, establish their own rules and make their own decisions autonomously on the blockchain. Goge is making the first ever DAO government for the worlds first crypto based virtual micronation!

Your voice, your vote, your power, the community has the power and complete ownership of the $GOGE contract, marketing and team wallets forever! With DAOs the possibilities are endless, whatever one can imagine can be created! On the updated V3 official $GOGE website, Goge Holders will be able to use the portal / dashboard to make proposals that are then voted on by all holders, these are then automatically implemented on the blockchain! For example, a proposal can be made for automatic things such as lowering taxes, paying influencers or using funds for marketing, as well as off-chain things such as changing the official flag of GOGELAND!

⭐️ ‘’Gogeland’’

The $GOGE project is declaring itself the world’s first internet-based, crypto-based micronation! A micronation is an entity whose members claim that they belong to an independent nation or sovereign state (GOGELAND). There are many kinds of micronations, some only have one citizen and exist in a bedroom, some micronations are fully recognized countries, most often these are smaller island nations. Micro nations are small countries / nations, complete with an official flag, currency, citizens, and form of government! GOGELAND is the first crypto based virtual micro nation to exist, with the worlds first government that is a formed of the GogeDAO. The goal is to one day be officially recognized as a micronation by other nations and eventually the United Nations!

The citizens of GOGELAND will be able to decide on it’s future, deciding the official flags, coat of arms, national anthem, official founding documents and of course participate in the design and construction of our virtual nation, the capitol city and infinite more things!

By implementing this update, GOGE will forever carve itself into history and will be a truly eternal project!

$GOGE will be the first official currency of a nation, the virtual micronation of GOGELAND!

⭐️ ‘’NFT passports’’

In the future, all forms of identification will be digital and exist on the blockchain as NFTs, Goge is the FIRST to do so! Alongside with becoming a micronation, citizens of GOGELAND will be able to obtain an official GOGELAND NFT passport.. GOGELAND is the First Nation in history to officially use NFTs passports / digital identification cards. These 1st edition NFT passports are limited to a certain amount and will be exclusively obtainable/ minted by buying and burning $GOGE! One of the goals for the official Goge NFT passports is to create customizable NFT passports that anyone can personalize with their own images and information!

Limited edition NFT Passport


Combined with these announcements, in partnership with our official marketing agency, there will be an ongoing massive marketing campaign to share $GOGE everywhere, and specifically in the best places for $GOGE! The more $GOGE you have, the more $CAKE you get and the more votes you will have in the DAO! Share with your family and friends and share everywhere, we are building something HUGE!

When will the Genesis Upgrade go live?

Genesis will be phased out over time in stages during February 2022! More information on the migration as well as official dates and times will be announced in our official group and the official $GOGE social medias! Official $GOGE AMAs (Ask me Anythings) will be planned throughout this month and all are encouraged to participate and say any questions or suggestions they might have!

Last words

To be the next top dog coin, one must be a leader, an innovator, and a dreamer, working hard to make those dreams become reality! First Doge, then Shib, NOW is the time for $GOGE! With these additional upgrades we will be truly the most unique project in crypto history! This upgrade will be a step towards full decentralization, an important factor that will help $GOGE achieve being listed on larger exchanges / CEX, such as Binance ect.

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